I- Phone Repair

Iphone Repair

We specialize in iphone repair 3g, 4g, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 7plus. All of our repair work carried by trained and expert technician. Most repairs carried out within 24 hrs. We offer repairs for Screen is cracked, Liquid or water damage, iPhone logic board problems unable to power on, battery questions or troubleshooting, power adapter not working as expected, screen not displaying correctly, unable to power off or shut down, unexpected shutdown or restart, display has no backlight or blank dark screen, Buttons not working, Application or system is unresponsive, Device slow or unresponsive to touch, Display shows a blank white screen, Screen or display quality, Display has no backlight or blank dark screen, iPhone back side camera glass broken, iPhone camera  working. There are no hidden charges.


Battery & Power Repair


Screen Replace / Repair


Logic Board Repair / Replace

Model Out-of-warranty 


 I Phone


Warranty   Battery Replacement Warranty  Without warranty Battery Replacement Cost
iPhone 5     Price : 3500/-    (With 1 Year  (Warranty )

  Price : 2500 /-

 ( 6 Months (Warranty)

iPhone 5c      Price : 3500/- (With1 Year Warranty)   
iPhone 5s     Price : 4500/-  (With1 Year Warranty)      Price : 3500/- 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone SE   Price : 4500/-  (With1 Year Warranty)   —                       —
iPhone 6  Price : 7500/-  (With1 Year Warranty)        Price : 3500/-  ( 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone 6s  Price : 8500/-  (With1 Year Warranty)   Price : 4200/-  ( 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone 6 Plus   Price : 7500/-  (With1 Year Warranty)    Price : 4500/-  ( 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus   Price : 9800/-  (With1 Year Warranty)    Price : 5000/-  ( 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone 7 Price : 12500/- (With1 Year Warranty)  Price : 6500/-   ( 6 Months (Warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus Price : 16500/- (With1 Year Warranty)   Price : 7500/-  ( 6 Months (Warranty)

Iphone Repair

Smashed screens are the most common repair when it comes iPhone woes, which is why we put together an ultimate guide to fixing broken iPhone screens. Whether you’ve got an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 5s, we’ve got the guide you need, complete with photos and step by step instructions, on how to get your iPhone back in working order again.

We also realize that not every broken iPhone is a result of physical damage. No hardware design is perfect and the iPhone is no exception. Sometimes buttons, switches, Home buttons, power buttons, and batteries fail the minute we’re out of warranty. That’s just the way it goes. It’s also why we’ve got those guides too. From replacing a dock connector to fixing an unresponsive Home button.

We can also provide you with reliable sources for ordering your replacement parts and high quality tools. We only trust and recommend the best suppliers in the industry so you can rest assured the parts you’re putting in your iPhone are not only safe, but warrantied against defects too.